What is the Medical Assistance Transportation Program?
The Medical Assistance Transportation Program, also known as MATP, provides transportation to medical appointments for Medical Assistance recipients who do not have transportation available to them. The individual’s county of residence will provide the type of transportation that is the least expensive while still meeting their needs.

  Access MATP services
Contact your local MATP provider.
A one-time MATP application must be completed and signed.
The MATP provider will give you information about how to schedule transportation, use the local program and about your rights.

Fixed Route Public Transportation
Where public transit is available, county MATPs provide tokens, passes, scrip or reimbursement to eligible consumers to cover the fare for public or private transit services.

Where appropriate, the county MATP may reimburse consumers who have access to private vehicles (their own or another individual’s) but cannot meet their own transportation needs. This reimbursement will be at a specified rate per mile for travel expenses plus parking and tolls. The rate of reimbursement shall be $.12 per mile.

Where public transit is not available or is not appropriate for the rider, county MATPs provide rides on paratransit vehicles including vans, lift equipped vans and taxis. Usually the vehicle will be transporting multiple riders with different pick-up an drop-off locations.

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