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Medical Services Included in MATP

Transportation is available to almost any service that MA pays for. Transportation can be provided to: physicians, dentists, health clinics, podiatrists, rural health clinics, hospice programs, physical therapists, outpatient services, pharmacies, drug and alcohol clinics, mental health centers, outpatient rehab services, optometrists, dialysis clinics, psychologists, and ambulatory surgical services.

Services that MATP does not include are emergency or other transportation requiring an ambulance, transportation to sheltered workshops, day care programs, transportation for visitation purposes, stretcher service, door-through-door service, transportation to non-medical services, and transportation during severe weather when deemed unsafe or transportation to any medical services that are not payable through the Medical Assistance Program.

Exceptional transportation costs such as air travel, lodging, meals, and attendants are paid for by local county assistance offices instead of MATP.