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Instructions on Submitting Monthly Trip Data

  • Instructions on Submitting Monthly Trip Data
  • MATP Data Collection - MATP Providers must provide trip level data monthly. This is done by submitting a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file.

    The data collected includes County Code, MA ID, Date of Trip, Mode of Transportation, Completed Trip Indicator, and Escort Indicator.

    For Example:

    County Codes Individual Number Date of Trip Mode Completed Escort
    22 1234567890 7/1/2016 P Y Y

    The File Name – Trip-level data files are to follow a file naming convention of ’##MATP.csv’ where "##" is the county’s numeric code. Exhibit 1 shows an example of a trip for a Medical Assistance Recipient in Dauphin County (County 22). The County indicator is 22, in this example the file is named 22MATP.csv.

    The correct file name format must be used or the file will not be accepted.

    Due Date – Trip-level data files are to be uploaded to the Department at a minimum of forty-five (45) days and a maximum of sixty days (60) from end of the month of the date of the trip. For example, a trip given on July 1, 2016 will be reported during the period September 15-30, 2016; this trip is not to be submitted in an August 2016 data upload period or it will be rejected.

    Trip-level data files are to be uploaded to the Department from the 15th through the end of the month.

    When a trip-level data file is submitted between on the First day of the month to the 14th day of the month, the file will not be transferred and will sit until 5:00pm on the 15th day of the month.

    If you are reporting older data - If a file is missed a month or a file load problem was experienced, a file can be loaded with the missed data along with the current monthly trip level data expected during the time period that is current. The "Date of Trip" that is collected will differentiate the different files.

    Appending files – When you are submitting more than one month’s data, do not send in two files with the same name. The second file will overwrite the first file sent in. Instead, merge the two months of data into one file and submit it as one.

    Your monthly trip level data files should be loaded from the 15th calendar day of the current month through 5:25 PM on the last calendar day of the current month.

    For example: July 2007 data is to be loaded from September 15th 2007 through the last day of the month, September 30th, 2007.

    Basic File Transfer Instructions:

    • Access the SeGov Data Collection Tool Web Site,
    • Enter your User Name and Password and log in
    • Enable the Upload Wizard and then locate your saved “csv" file and attach it to the upload wizard.
    • Upload the file, you should receive an email confirmation shortly after.
    • Log Off
    • You will also receive a second email confirmation after the file is transferred from SeGov to the Dept.


    If an MATP provider transports a resident out of the county, it is still a trip for county for the county where the resident lives. If a resident has a medical appointment two or three counties away and is transported to a location by multiple MATP providers, the county code will not change.

    Per the Commonwealth’s Data Retention Guidelines, Grantees shall retain an electronic copy of the transmitted file for a minimum of four years and be backed up in a secure location in case of the need for disaster recovery. This data retention information can be seen in the MATP Standards and Guidelines. Please contact the Department of Human Services Medical Transportation office if you need assistance or further clarification.

  • Monthly Data File Format